ReGrow Willow Combines Willows with Mud

ReGrow Willow is an innovative hybrid material system that combines the tensile strength of willow and the compressive strength of earth for architectural applications. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology also uses digital fabrication processes and computational tools to create lightweight, mobile, and adaptable fabrication equipment. The project further seeks to present a potential remedy for … Read more

Fab Tree Hab is a Multi-Species Habitat

The Fab Tree Hab is a grafted living tree structure intended to be shared by people and animals. It combines tree-grafting techniques with cross-laminated timber arch scaffolds. The goal is for a dwelling seamlessly integrated into its natural landscape and to replace harmful industrial materials with durable, bio-based alternatives. Foundation elements use almost no concrete … Read more

Man Builds Cheap Cob Home That Has Everything He Needs

Sage Stoneman’s cob home only cost $200 to build and allows him to live debt-free. He says, “I choose to live the way that I do because it’s a matter of mental health for me and emotional health, physical health as well, spiritual health.” He crafted his home in California to feel closer to the … Read more

Monumental Bamboo Restaurant Complex in Vietnam

The Keeng Seafood Restaurant complex consists of conference halls, private dining rooms, a kitchen, and a bamboo hall. The bamboo hall stands out with its lightly curved boat-shaped thatched roof, supported by bamboo structures resembling fanning palm plants. The restaurant’s owner required the architects to design an impressive building that would become the hallmark of … Read more