Catalan Vault Building in Barcelona

Jordi Domenech is a second generation master mason from Catalunya specializing in the catalan vault method and has built these structures for over 50 years. He is one of the world’s leading builders and teachers on this technique, having constructed hundreds of works, and teaches workshops on traditional masonry techniques. The Catalan vault – also … Read more

Modern Earth and Bamboo Architecture in Thailand

Chiangmai Life Construction is a company that specializes in modern earth and bamboo architecture and quality construction. They are based in Thailand and favor organic, free-flowing designs. They build using natural materials: earth, bamboo, rocks, wood. All bamboo used is treated with natural Borax salts. You can watch the video at

Indian Engineer Champions Bamboo Construction

Sanjeev Karpe, an Indian engineer, shares how bamboo became important to him and why he thinks sustainability is so vital to the planet. In 2003 he had an opportunity to visit China and observe the prevalence of bamboo in construction there. He noticed exotic modern bamboo buildings, and how the plant’s tensile strength made it a … Read more

Hobbit Homes Around the World

Hobbitowa, Krzywcza, Poland This Hobbit house used roundwood from local willow trees, clay for the interior plaster, lime for the exterior plaster, and cob stones for the infrastructure. The off-grid home also has its own water well, domestic sewage works, and photovoltaic panels for electricity. Inside, the house has a large open-plan living room with … Read more

Intentional Pocket Neighborhoods in Portland

From agile neighborhoods for veterans or the unhoused, to pocket hoods for Portlanders, the dozens of co-housing villages designed by Mark Lakeman are nationally recognized and in demand. “All my work, and all the permaculture, comes under an overall unifying heading. That is ReVillaging, you might say,” Mark explained, “With USA neighborhoods being mostly expressions … Read more