Best Composting Toilet System Ever

“OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY have been using a composting toilet for 6 years now and this one is the best!” They share numerous valuable tips about composting toilets that many homesteaders may not know.


6 thoughts on “Best Composting Toilet System Ever”

  1. This description of a composting toilet is impossible to understand. He is assuming that everyone reading this can SEE the toilet. He needs to clarify almost everything said. I have built composting toilets and have made them using a bucket so I know something about it but his description is worthless.

  2. been using our compost toilet, bucket plus sawdust, rather, wood chips, bought, then left for about a year, this is in mojave desert, california, very dry, need add water from time to time, like watering our trees! Also, for the past 6 years use holes dug into our earth, down about 3 ft, until hit caliche, like cement! take out when full, use post hole digger, put into another section covered, wait again about a year, then add to growing trees, plants. I prefer the toilet in hole, because women can pee there; in bucket style better to keep dry with only shit. Again in hole type, add about half a liter of water along with small hendfull of sawdust or wood chips, to cover. nevr any smell, breaks down at bottom of hole already, even before changing to next holding spot, Again, the toilet is built with a normal toilet seat, always covered, built in box with bucket attached, with bottom taken out. this way no spiders or other crawlies, like scorpions can climb up.
    check out our 3 moons project, off grid, bottle walls, earth bag constructions!!! thanks Geiger!!!! jehane


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