Best Heating System for Small Homes — 5 Comments

  1. Tiny woodstoves are expensive. Why not score a cheap regular size (non fussy) one and thermal mass it up. Then you won’t bake out or freeze up. Stovepipe will give your radiant.

  2. We have been living in a small RV (about 200 sf) that doesn’t have nearly that much insulation, and we have been quite comfortable using a small propane catalytic heater. These are about the most efficient gas heaters made. They can be used as ventless, as long as there is sufficient replacement oxygen in the space. They provide radiant heat, similar to a wood stove, which I prefer for comfort.

    • What type of wood heater would you recommend for a superinsulated 300 sq. ft. home in the Colorado mountains? Most wood stoves are overkill. Tiny stoves require a lot of tending.

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