Boulder Houses with Living Walls and Living Roofs — 2 Comments

  1. I have a few questions about the living walls. Wouldn’t a living wall have particular considerations during its construction? One couldn’t simply setup a living wall over their conventional construction home could they? Having lived on an old farm where vegetation had been given free reign over some of the older buildings, I’ve seen the effects it can have on conventional architecture with plants rooting into the mortar and breaking it loose, or rooting into the wood siding and drawing moisture into the wood and interior wall.

    What considerations would you take with an earthbag, adobe, cob or rammed earth structure to avoid these types of issues?

    • You’re right. You don’t want joints or cracks where roots can penetrate. I recommend thick geopolymer with no cracks. It would also help to choose plants whose roots are not too invasive. Living walls on adobe, cob and rammed earth are not recommended.

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