How to Build the Best Survival Shelter on a Budget

Traditional dome homes can be made with earthbags
Traditional dome homes can be made with earthbags
“If you are planning to bug out to a remote location, you probably think about building a permanent home that will remain unnoticed and able to withstand many kinds of attacks. But would you consider that the cheapest survival shelter is also the best? Would you start building an earthbag house?

There’s a reason why the military uses earthbags to make bunkers in emergency situations. Earthbag homes are resistant to bullets, durable, and far less expensive (less than $20.00 per square foot) than using stone or other materials. If you have not considered earthbag homes, then you may be surprised at how much this tried and true technology has to offer.

Choosing a Place for Your New Home
Before you begin building an earthbag house on your property, it is important to choose a good location. Since earthbag structures can include cellars and take advantage of building into the ground, you should look for an area that is above the water table and easily defended. If you build at the top of the hill, you can also place more rooms underground and then plant fruits and vegetables on the roof.

Creating the Shape and Planning Rooms
Historically speaking, many earthbag homes tend to have something of an igloo or dome shape. When combined with wire, concrete, and wood frames, you can also build square, rectangle, and other conventional shapes. If you plan to go with a rounded shape, the walls will curve inward, which will improve strength; but also create unusual room shapes. In many cases, you may need to modify existing furniture or build something entirely new to fit these rooms.”

More at the source: Survivopedia
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