Code-approved Strawbale Building Systems — 4 Comments

  1. Speaking as a construction professional, with an Ontario Building Code Identification Number, who’s qualifications and activities include designing, drawing plans and applications for permit, as well as acting as a contractor and builder during the Ontario construction season …. after all this practice, codes are still not very light reading for me.
    I appreciate all the details that you’ve included in this particular wall structure, and agree that your wall system has been an “approved” method here in Ontario for well over a decade.
    I have also had great success with a framing system, using 2×6 on 24″ centres, filling the interstitial voids with mineral wool batts, (Roxul), and stacking the bales on the inside of this wall frame. Meets code nicely, and turns an R-30 to R-35 bale wall into an R-50+ passivehaus compliant wall system, with much fewer thermal bridges.

    • Frank, we used to stack bales against a standard insulated frame wall in Colorado. It works great. We would take a nail in the stud and attach the bales with baling twine. We stacked the bales in a 1,100 sq. ft. house in about 5-6 hours using volunteers with no bale building experience. We got our rough framing, plumbing and electrical inspections out of the way before stacking the bales.

  2. Nice topic. I only wish that I could find the topic easily when you go to the “Codes” for my state and find it without having to read the whole thing. It seems to be written for people who LOVE to read or someone in the trades. It irritates me to no end.

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