Building in Stages — 2 Comments

  1. Owen,

    How about building a house in separate self contained units? I would like to build something small in order to get us quickly into a shelter and then add additional connecting rooms. For instance, build one round of the roundhouse dome cluster with plans to add the main round next year. Then as needed the 3rd round could be added.

    Have you written anything on this type of construction?

    • Yes, I’ve talked about this repeatedly. It’s the best way to go in my opinion to keep costs low. It saves trying to build a larger house all at once. It means you can build without a mortgage and do it in stages as you can afford it.

      Roundhouses are the easiest shape to build in my opinion. Roundhouses can be built side-by-side, connected by joining structures (vaults, etc.) or pergolas, or set apart. Plan ahead if the units are joined. You don’t want to cut out doorways later due to lack of planning.

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