Building Off-Grid Casting Notice


  • We’re looking throughout the United States for folks who will soon start to build an off grid home and plan to complete the build before April of 2019. We cannot consider builds that are already well underway.

  • If you are selected for the show, you will receive compensation of up to $10k upon completion of filming and building.

  • **Please note, in order to be considered for the show, the home must primarily be built on rural land where it will ultimately exist (as opposed to being 100% built in a warehouse and then transported to the land)**

Please email margaret.halkin AT or call me @ 415-828-5828 if interested. I will be happy to answer all questions and fill you in on all the show details.

Here is a sneak peek link to the show:

5 thoughts on “Building Off-Grid Casting Notice”

  1. I have 5 acre in southern Missouri that I have been wanting to do something with?I was thinking of starting by putting a sukup grain bin shelter on it would this be something they would want to film

  2. What are the requirements? I have a home site and with my disability, need a TON of help building the super adobe home I want for me and my son. I take it I need stamped plans? County approval already set up? Water on site for building? Please list more details…Thank you!

    • Tiffany, you will need to contact the production company to get definitive answers to your questions. Given the timeline, I would expect that county approval, if necessary, should be acquired soon.


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