Building with Mud for a More Compassionate World

Building with Mud for a More Compassionate World is a book about our inner and outer walls. It tells us how Homo sapiens became a WALL BUILDER, erecting more and more concrete and impermeable walls, thereby creating a world of division, separation, disconnection and alienation. 

​The first part of the book Walls of Separation introduces us to the trauma of the Great Separation, how it brought a shift in consciousness and the impact it has had on the way we define and understand the space around us and relate to each other.

The second part Walls of Reconnection shows how building with mud can help us reconnect to our primal self, others and nature.

The third part A New World explores how birth centers built with natural materials could make a difference to prevent the trauma of separation. It also looks at the need to Introduce mindful hands-on work in schools to trauma-proof our children.  

You can download the book for free at

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