Calcium Carbide Lime Plaster — 10 Comments

  1. i am also doing a research on the use of calcium carbide. i am impressed with the finished work produced by the plaster. could you please share to me the challenges faced during. the process

  2. We too gave been thinking of using the carbide in a build in Dominica, (Caribbean). My consultant (Tom Burgess) and and I re doing experiments now. We have found that the carbide in a mix with scoria and a little lime hardened into a mightily solid, hard block in a short time.

    We went to see the place where the stuff is produced. The first thing that struck me was the chemical smell. I notice that Kevin above says that this is a natural substance. What i’d like to know is might the stuff exude chemical fumes from internal walls for example, and might this be damaging to health in the long, if not the short, term.

  3. Looking at working with lime here in Honduras…it is mined right down the road…just waiting for the right piece of land!

  4. So how does this compare with using the lime that one buys in the hardware store? Maybe Kevin can offer some comparisons/insights? And is the chicken wire really necessary?

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