Decorative Plaster 1

Most people probably think of boring, mud brown color when they hear of natural plaster. In actuality, natural plasters come in limitless colors and variations, and so I’ve decided to do regular features on this topic. Image source: Natural Wonder Creations Image source: American Clay (slow Flash site, but excellent content) Image source: Mariah Kaminsky … Read more

Calcium Carbide Lime Plaster

“A friend suggested a product I was unfamiliar with, so I decided to research and do some testing. The chemical name is calcium hydroxide… ca(oh)2 (calcium carbide), a by-product created in the production of acetylene. I went into Managua to a place that manufactures acetylene for welding. I found a big pool of jade coloured … Read more

Crushed Glass in Plaster

Here’s a great way to add color in your home. Add some crushed recycled glass in the final coat of plaster to make your house sparkle. The text below is from a Chinese supplier (edited for clarity). Color: clear, dark blue, light blue, aqua blue, light green, dark green, black, white, golden yellow, yellow, purple, … Read more

Second Coat Earthen Plaster

So here’s our example of finish plastering using earthen plaster on this wattle and daub sample. Several people did this. You just use the edge of your hand right here. Just put on a thin layer. So the edge of your hand becomes like a trowel. You could do this with a trowel, but we’re … Read more

Cost Overruns at Earthbag Clinic and Schools in Leogane, Haiti

The earthbag clinic and school buildings in Leogane have unfortunately experienced cost overruns. Obviously this is a very important topic, and doubly so when building in developing countries where budgets are very tight. One problem has been the unusually high cost of materials, which can be much higher than in the US. The main expense … Read more