Chicken Compost System

“Our chickens generate about 4 wheelbarrow loads of compost a week during the summer that we can transplant directly into and grow a tremendous amount of crops in. In exchange for that, they give us 12-16 eggs a day. And they cost us about a penny per bird per day.

Our main expense is buying in millet and sunflower seed. The other whole grains we barter for, and we collect compost scraps from local organic sources, as well as hay and wood chips to make the basic bulk mix. This system has evolved steadily over time, there is much more to learn and understand, but the basic pattern feels reliable and functional and we’re excited to share it with others so they can take from it whatever components feel most useful.

Edible Acres
Located just north of Trumansburg, NY in the beautiful Finger Lakes, we are a permaculture nursery and forest farm research space focused on low and no tech solutions.

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