A Tiny House For Tall People

For very tall people the idea of building a tiny house may be quite daunting. When designed well though, it’s amazing just how comfortable a tiny house can be for us giants!

Because tiny homes are almost always built custom for, or by their owners you can ensure that every inch of the house is constructed to meet your unique needs. For tall people like Dylan and Julie, it may mean raising up all the benches and counter-tops to be higher, while also raising the ceilings in the home. This DIY built tiny house is also packed full of really nice design elements, clever storage features and overall is a smart and comfortable home for this dynamic young couple.


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      • …having own dogs: they like to go out side–not in their home—yet it gets messy after a while as one has to be careful where one treads if their outdoors is limited….and after a while it does accumulate :)


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