Christopher’s Castle Design — 14 Comments

  1. Hello, how much will cost to build a house exactly as this shown in the design? A castle like in California? If so…it will be from earthbag? I am very excited to build and have a home of castle shaped :-) thanks!. Can you please send me a copy of response to the email that I stated? Thanks again.

  2. Really like floor plan in Christopher’s Castle Design. Are there any pictures of what the finished home looks like.


  3. Hey Guys! I’m not sure where to send this to, so I figured I’d post a comment under a “Castle” post.

    This is a website by modern castle builders, it’s pretty cool. Their “Castle Plans” might be a inspiration for other earthbag castle builders.

    Hee hee!! Loving the castle posts!!!

  4. This is a very clever design. My only concern would be that while the powder room is very accessable to Bedroom 3 via the stairs, it does not have bathing facilities, and the person staying there would have to use the main floor bathroom.

  5. Thank you for your reply. I was planning on building raised beds for my garden for next year before the cold weather sets in but I think I may try my hand at making them with the earth bags to get some practice. On a more liveable scale and more condusive to my small town, the original chonburri design looks more doable. Looks more traditional but won’t have to worry about the tornado siren!! :-)

  6. My husband would love to be king of his very own castle! Could you build this with earth bags? I stumbled onto earth bag building today and am a little overwhelmed and in awe of it all. We are going to have to build a new house in the next couple of years and I’m thinking I would love to do an earth bag house . . . Now to just get my husband on board with it. The castle house just may do the trick for him! ;-) We live in Indiana and I was wondering if the polystyrene insulation would be a must for us as it gets really cold here.

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