Affordable, Superinsulated Cold Climate Homes — 8 Comments

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  2. The Earthship community have been looking at Nordic climates too. They have the idea to have a double green house on the south facing wall. This will make it loose less heat back out that way.

  3. Owen, have you considered splitting up the bathtub, toilet, and vanity into separate, smaller rooms? Typically if somebody is taking a shower, the water heater output and water pressure will be too low for somebody else to take a shower. Families tend to have bathroom sharing problems because all of these elements are packed into one room. Someone needs to take a shower. Somebody else needs to do her makeup. Another needs to use the toilet. This might alleviate the need for a secondary bathroom.

    Another thing to consider is that sleeping problems can happen if you use your bedroom for anything other than sleeping. Perhaps it could be split up so there is personal study/den and a small bedroom instead of a big bedroom.

    • Thanks for the input. These ideas are worth considering. Ultimately it will be up to the families to decide on the final design. One complication is many of these people have large, extended families who will live together. At some point, we’ll have to bend some typical design principles.

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