Community First! Village — 8 Comments

  1. I watched the video on their site. The brown squares and circles are tents and teepees. The group has been successful in housing some of the homeless in RV’s and tents throughout the city so they do have some experience doing it. Whether it can work on a larger scale with people living close to each other is yet to be seen.

    • That’s a new angle — set people up in mobile homes and later move them to a permanent setting. Obviously you watched the video more closely than I did!

      My idea was to create a recycled house business like Tiny Texas Houses.
      This would create jobs and sustainable houses.

  2. This is something that many people want to do but few are successful. There are so many problems that will have to be figured out. I commend them for trying.

    Are those brown squares on the lower half of the map tents?

  3. While I am leery of the religious motives of people who set up homeless communities such as this, I applaud their efforts. We need many more places where those in need can find safe shelter from the elements and from predators (both two legged and four legged).

    • Yeah, it’s not perfect. There are far too many manufactured trailer houses in my opinion. But at least people are off the streets, their basic needs are met and maybe gradually they can get back on their feet.

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