Complex Dome Home in Austin, Texas

Bill and Thea, via are hosting the first Earthbag Open-House on January 8th in Austin, Texas. They have documented the building of this complex dome home and plan to create an earthbag building course as well as a blog that chronicles their work, with videos, photos and interviews with earth artists and builders.

They request that people sign up for their email list to find out when all of this will be available:

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  1. Hi All! It’s Thea.
    Yes, not sure why or how an old email address was attached to that post.
    The correct email is

    As for looking for earth building know how in Texas I feel that there are quite a few opportunities. But I’m really in that world.
    To name a few:
    Myself of course. I hold regular workshops posted on the website.
    David Reed out of Houston in Austin
    Those will get you started.
    Good luck!

  2. I’m looking for a work group or class about earth bag building within a day or two of driving from the Texas/Louisiana line. Anyone hear of anything let me know. I would like to spend this next vacation doing some hands on with this type building. glenna

  3. I am trying to locate anyone in Texas (central, perferably) who I could connect with that can offer guidance on building an earth home just south of San Antonio, TX. It seems there is a big void in this state where hands-on learning is available. What a shame. I think this could be a big movement here.
    Any suggestions?

    • I sell a lot of plans to people in Texas. At some point things should get established there and really take off. Lenient building codes, relatively mild weather and a history of earth building are contributing factors.

    • Check out Lawrence Jetter at AECT in San Antonio — he sells equipment. They put on seminars together with giving hands-on training.
      A quick search comes up with some guys in Hunt, TX doing “Earth Built homes” That’s just up the road in Kerrville.
      If you’re willing to “go to any lengths” to build your dream home you might have to check out classes in NM or AZ for adobebuilders or rammed earth.
      Good Luck leading the pack. Arthur

      • No, I’m planning to build in about 8 years, but want to learn as much as possible now. I’ve read the postings on using rice hulls, which is another option since they are easily available here in Texas. My property is deep Sarita sand, which would have to have clay brought in if I were to build with on-site soil. Rice hulls are very ligth weight, provide great insulation and the same building process can be used. The more I learn, the better prepared I’ll be when it comes time to start building. I do plan to buld a small structure on the property to experiment prior to making any final decision.
        My property is about 8 miles south of Hwy 1604 near the little town of Leming. It’s loaded with live oak trees. It’s hard coming back into town after being out there for the day.

        • Rice hulls can work with wide roof overhangs or wrap-around porches, and some method to stiffen/stabilize the walls. It’s like building with bags of popcorn. The bags will tend to fall over. If you haven’t already, read the various blog posts on rice hulls and scoria. Search ‘exterior pinning’. A post and beam frame is recommended.


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