Comuna Tola Chica — 5 Comments

    • HI Ryan, We added a link to the source at the bottom of the blog post and put the text in quotes. Using short sections of text like this from other sources is standard and acceptable under Fair Use on the Internet. This is how we promote hundreds of projects such as yours to draw awareness to natural building. Take a while to look through previous blog posts and you’ll see what I mean.

  1. This is nice. A place that thinks about it’s own survival using available resources, building smart and thinking/preparing for the future while governing it’s OWN self.

    • Yeah, and there are about 50 ecovillages to choose from. And that’s just one network. It looks like you could just drive down the Pacific Coastal Highway and check them out. And there are thousands of other ecovillages worldwide. My guess is a large percentage of them use sustainable natural materials. Just be careful to pick a country that will weather economic downturns and find one that speaks your language.

      Global Ecovillage Network

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