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  1. For the cool pantry, the outward facing sides of the earthbags seem to have a very flat surface as opposed to bulging out. How did you accomplish that?
    Owen: We simply tamped the surface of the walls lightly every few courses. You don’t want perfectly flat surfaces or there’s nothing for the plaster to grab on to. I estimate this method cuts plasterwork and materials by almost half.

    I saw when you were working with clay and vetiver, you put the material in a wooden form and compacted it. How about doing the same for earthbags. Build a form that you can put the earthbag in and then tamp it. You might get a more square earthbag that would be easier to apply the mortar to. I don’t how this would affect how level the surfaces of the earthbag would be….
    Owen: That’s more cumbersome. The bags are the forms, so no need to make a wood form and move it around hundreds of times.

    The mesh bags, are they subject to sun detioration like the polypropylene bags?
    Owen: Yes. Same or even more vulnerable to UV damage. Always keep bags protected as much as possible.

    thanks, jim richard

  2. Just goes to show that a little effort and precision at the front end can save a huge amount of time and material at the back end. Can’t wait to see the finished product. A cool pantry is absolutely on my list for our far in the future home!

    • It’s a great idea, but there are limitations. Here in the tropics it won’t get real cool inside. Maybe 10-15 degree Celsius improvement from outside temps. Time will tell and we’ll report on the results later. This structure was built primarily to demonstrate how to build a cool pantry, even though we’ll use it for miscellaneous storage.

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