New Earthbag Building Video: Pre-release Announcement

After months of delays due to technical glitches, my new Basic Earthbag Building video will soon be available through Amazon. Special thanks to Kelly Hart, co-developer of this blog and, for making the cover and steering the project through the final difficult stage. The first part of Basic Earthbag Building provides clear, simple explanations … Read more

Superadobe Video

Super adobe houses: an internal connection between ourselves and nature “Superadobe houses… are cheap and foolproof. They are resistant to fire, earthquakes. It is known for a super form of adobe buildings that used sandbags filled with mud and barbed wire. The truth is that the super adobe is a sustainable solution for both economic … Read more

My Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth… Maybe that’s why my NaturalHouse YouTube channel is so popular. 2. Finished Earthbag Roundhouse 3. Cement Plastering 4. Building an Earthbag Dome 5. Hardness Test 6. Enviro Dome Fly-through 7. $300 Earthbag House 8. How to Make Square Corners 9. Bag Size 10. … Read more

Cool Pantry Update

We’re making good progress on our cool pantry – a shed roof addition behind our kitchen. A cool pantry keeps food cool without electricity (although we’re going to use ours as a storage room). It was built during this year’s workshop. The roof is on, and the end walls (triangular areas above earthbags) are framed … Read more

New Earthbag DVD for Sale

Reader’s have asked for our YouTube videos on DVD. Even though they’re free on my YouTube channel, some people have slow Internet access and can’t watch them. Some may prefer to watch them on TV. So we’re now offering a limited number of DVDs that include all 61 videos (as of October 30, 2010) and … Read more

YouTube Earthbag Channel

I’ve just started a YouTube channel about earthbag building in hopes of seeing this building method spread more quickly, and to help improve the standard of construction. It’s easier for many people to learn by watching rather than just reading about it, and it’s a fun way to pass some time. Hope you enjoy it. … Read more