Costa Rica Earthbag Time Lapse

Earthbag House Time-lapse – February/March 2013 from The Yoga Farm on Vimeo.

February/March 2013 This is 6 weeks of work in 2 and a half minutes :)

“We were inspired to build our own earthbag home in southern Costa Rica this year. I contacted you last year a little bit. We have finished the bagging and have a fun time lapse video of the whole process: Vimeo

Feel free to link to it, if it is at all useful for your websites and tutorials. Thanks for the inspiration and instruction!”

Cheers, Patrick

The Yoga Farm
Punta Banco, Costa Rica

6 thoughts on “Costa Rica Earthbag Time Lapse”

  1. Hey guys love the earthbag video , wehere are you guys located ? I would love to see what your doing,I have 2 properties here in Costa Rica and have been thinking about building with earthbags , love everything about it , I’m currently renting a house in Mira Mar Puntarenas. I would love to give you guys a hand in exchange for the experience of working with earthbags, you doing any more projects?

  2. I definitely found some different help and advice from this.

    I cherish you setting aside the time to put this material together.
    I must say, I probably spent about three hours on your
    website. Oh well, it was nevertheless worthwhile.

  3. Dear Both,
    On the video, at 57 seconds and at 1.33 minutes there seems to be barb wire being used. I was curious to see the end of the house, including the plastering stages, but it is not shown.
    thank you very much

  4. Been there for a short visit before all this action.

    I didn’t see any barbed wire used. Also just a straight wall without other post / beam support.

    It seems like they’re going to tie the walls together with concrete beam atop the walls than a normal Costa Rican roof.

    The question is if a quake occurs in this area of the world will the walls decide to collapse?

    • It all depends on the details. For instance, they could have put mesh on both sides of the walls and tied them together with baling twine. Mesh plus plaster would be very strong even without barbed wire.

      Or maybe they pounded vertical rebar down through the walls and then joined this with the horizontal steel in the bond beam. That would be very strong also.

      But you’ve made a good point about [possibly] cutting corners. Be careful out there. Better safe than sorry.


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