Couple + Dog Living in a Van | Camper Van Life

This is the first video I’ve seen that shows what it’s actually like to live in a van. Nice couple with lots of good suggestions. Many of the same suggestions would apply to living in other compact spaces like tiny homes. “See what a typical day living in a van is like for a couple and a dog. See us working in the van, living in the van and living out of the van.”


9 thoughts on “Couple + Dog Living in a Van | Camper Van Life”

  1. This video does a good job of showing how simple and relaxing minimalist living can be. A lot of people are dropping out of the American ‘dream’ of 30 year mortgages and mind numbing jobs and choosing a life of freedom. There are lots of ways to do this of course. Van life is just one option. Maybe live in a van as you search for affordable rural land. Then gradually develop a homestead.


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