Creating Roads From Sand and Bacteria Instead of Oil

“Designers Thomas Kosbau and Andrew Wetzler have come with a plan for a greener alternative — a “biologically treated and processed paving material” that uses a common microbe to transform loose grains of sand into stable, road-worthy sandstone.

The plan, called ‘Sand.Stone.Road‘ recently won the grand prize in the Korean green design ‘Iida Awards 2010.

The designers’ plan would create roads from abundantly available sand mixed with the microbe Bacillus Pasteurii, which would cement it into a biologically engineered hardened sandstone. The idea is that this sand/microbe solution could then be sprayed onto a layer of sand, which would then harden it into a tough road surface.”
Thanks again to Richard for finding this story. The potential for this material is enormous. It’s been in the works for years and now appears ready for commercial development.

4 thoughts on “Creating Roads From Sand and Bacteria Instead of Oil”

  1. This is a big, big story that will change the building industry. Imagine how costs for this will drop in a few years as other suppliers start mass producing the bacteria solution. Want a stone floor for dirt cheap? Stone CEBs and pavers? Stone foundation? Stabilized earthbag walls that turn to stone? How about a Stone Dome?

    How long before this product is available for gunnite?


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