DIY Gabion Walls

“Here is a quick tutorial of how I build my own gabion walls from standard concrete remesh and galvanized wire. They are simple to build and can be filled with most types of large stones, rock, or concrete chunks. These are commonly available materials and often can be found free on craigslist.”

This method is best for small projects such as retaining walls and garden projects such as outdoor benches and DIY Fit Pits. For larger projects, building with earthbags/gravel bags would be much faster, easier and lower cost.


4 thoughts on “DIY Gabion Walls”

  1. Somehow in my lifetime, we (kids and I) have loved rock collecting. In 7 years my yard is full of rocks. As kids, they had rocks in the car, in their pockets, just about everywhere. This is just great method of getting them into one place. Lots of work for sure but nonetheless beautiful. Thanks

  2. I like his YouTube channel, especially his shipping container projects.
    I suggest to spend the extra buck at the farm and ranch supply on 16’x4.5′ cattle panel. 6 guage, class 1 galvy coating, real welds, not brittle pot metal. Typically $20/each. Lasts a long time.

    Remesh in the other hand is brittle 10 or 12ga, poor welds, rusts to dust. Remesh isn’t designed to see the light of day.
    A piece or two of scrap yard angle iron, welded or bolted to since hinges makes a quick sheet metal brake. Precisely bend your gabions corners instead of cutting and wiring back together. Aesthetic and durable. At least Hog ring instead of tie wire. durability counts where the things are often utilized, retaining, foundations, etc.


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