Dorset Centre for Rural Skills

Straw bale round house at The Magdalen Project built by Rob Buckley.
Straw bale round house at The Magdalen Project built by Rob Buckley.

“Dorset Centre for Rural Skills (DCRS) is an established, not-for-profit, training enterprise with accredited Social Enterprise status.

For ten years DCRS has run specialist courses in traditional renovation of buildings such as the use of Lime. DCRS has a strong environmental ethos and runs courses in Straw Bale Building for those who wish to self build.

Courses in rural skills include Welding, Blacksmithing, Hurdle Making Hedge Laying, and Glassblowing.”

See the full range of courses available.

Source: Dorset Centre for Rural Skills

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  1. ‘Do unto Others As You Would Have Others Do unto You.’

    This is the Biblical paraphrasing of the Golden Rule, that all are equal before the Law.

    Adherence to this extremely simple principle means that ALL individuals, corporations and any combination thereof are equal under the Law – which is clearly not the case at present.

    The fact that the Law has become so corrupted that we feel antipathy to the Law is extremely sad. The Law is used against us, and because we are trained to think that Law can only be comprehended by ‘trained’ law specialists, we are never able to stand up to outright criminality wrapping itself in the complexities and smoke and mirrors of commercially practiced ‘Law’. This is like playing cards with an armed psycopath with a rigged deck and who just makes the rules up as they go along. If these made up rules are not challeneged then they remain just that – unchallenged. And in their system, something unchallenged stands.

    To this end, I study Law in all it’s forms as best I can.
    It is extremely exciting, as one can begin to see what has gone wrong in our societies [which are so funademntally sick at present that most of us dream of getting away from the system and living away from it – something that is extraordinarily difficult to do in the UK, partly due to the land grab that went on over the last thousand years, which accelerated in the last few hundred years – just look at what the enlcosures alone did to us] – as you say, everything has become commerce, especially the so called justice system, which is nothing of the sort – it is a commercial enterprise, which is why lawyers, judges and magistrates make so much money and why there are so many people in prison for victimless crimes, and why the rich and powerful never pay any price for their own crimes, and why they are currently turning the western world into an open prison. It needn’t be so. Not if all were equal under the Law, and if all comprehended the Law. They’re cheating, basically.


  2. They have a lot of good courses. Isn’t it interesting that man struggled to get into the next century only to find out there’s things we should and shouldn’t have done. Such as home building and skills people should never have gave up learning. In the name of convenience we’ve traded our rights for a Council, a Code and a Law. There’s a true reason for people getting back to the earth and simple basics. We ARE the future and I’m not that pleased with it. Or, at least the powers of those councils, codes and laws. We have forgotten Do on Others As You Would Have Others Do On To You. If there’s no money involved for them, they’re not interested.

    • Very true. Everyone should know basic skills such as gardening, cooking, how to prevent disease, building a simple home, etc. People have to decide soon what type of future they want. Move to rural areas and create a debt free permaculture homestead? Or be under constant surveillance in a police state? Homeland Security is rolling out yet another spy grid (I’ve lost track of how many they’re creating).

      • Who….went to the site and BOSS is something right out of the TV show they have here about a program that sees EVERYONE. I wonder who took the idea from whom. Just ANOTHER reason to be deep off grid. To be honest Doc, if the government wouldn’t allow certain people into this country then, they wouldn’t have to be so concerned about them. Plus, after becoming citizens they go and fight WITH aL-ghadi (not sure that’s spelled correctly). Where is the reasoning? Where is the common sense that you don’t invite your enemy into your country??? Especially people who will NOT change their beliefs. Who have sworn to change your country. It’s their religious belief. We live in an Orwellian country today. That’s from the streets to any building you enter. Again, we ARE living in the future and it’s not so good……

    • Carroll,

      It sounds to me like you are asking to read Wendy Jehanara Tremayne’s brand new book, “The Good Life Lab.”

      Very interesting perspective on the subject.

      • Thanks Jay. Yeah to live out of the waste stream seems appealing to me. I’m going to purchase their book. I think they have seen what I see. Everything is commercialized today to a fault. That’s part of the getting back to basics I was referring to. It’s in business and government. And, it sucks because it’s taken the humanity out and replaced with rules and regulations on how your suppose to live your life. Thanks again Jay.


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