Double Unit Ecoresort — 5 Comments

  1. I think it would be better if they were sunk into the ground.I wonder how much is lost without an well insulated roof.Id consider an garden shed flat roof insulated with bales of hay.Would save much labor of lifting earth bags if you only had so many layers to do.Otherwise it looks nice.

    I still like the hexayurt with insulated panels with a thin layer of acrylic concrete on fiberglass screen.Ive thought of prebuilding this.At first i considered building a deck using pallets and plywood,but all keep hearing about is termites so i well consider a concrete floor mabe on plastic pallets.

  2. Hello Owen,

    Wonderful design with lots of potential for Residential usage and Other with simple “add-ons”. Our EcoRanchos design is similar as to the main structure. You may remember we started with these Domes back in August 2011 and we are making steady progress since then.

    Here an update on standings which we posted on YouTube today:

    We are placing regular updates on our webpage on the building progress and hopefully we have the Structures under Roof by Mid April 2012!

    Best regards.
    Walter A. Hutterli

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