Dr. Sunny Cai’s Earthbag Domes and New Website

“Dr. Sunny Cai (Liang-Juei Cai), Ph.D (in Ecological and Chinese Ancient Architecture), now retired from University and living in Taiwan, is an author and professor specializing in the field of ancient and ecological architectural planning and design. Dr. Sunny not only attempts to build houses with high standards, incorporate carbon reduction but also rummages raw materials, which is recorded in China’s ancient architectural books, to solve environmental pollution issues. Dr. Sunny, as a volunteer, tries to help people who are eager to build a comfortable and green house.

Involved in “A Model of an Ecovillage In the East African Community” for self-sustained poverty alleviation, in 2008.
Planning and design for Lian-Shan Ecovillage in Beijing suburb, in 2010.
A design and construction project of earthen mandala dome in Yuan-Li, Taiwan, in 2014.
Design and planning Kuang-Xi Ecological Healthy Village, in 2014.”

Best regards,
Liang Juei Tsai
His new website (in Chinese) http://drcai2010.wix.com/earthbag-dome

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