The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship Programme

“Our new spiritual ecology programme starts in September 2016. We are seeking 10 exceptional and visionary young adults (between 20 and 32 years) – individuals with committed spiritual lives, who are passionate about the Earth, and have the potential to be catalysts for real change. Young people who recognise the need to create a future that is rooted in the values of interconnectedness, service, stewardship, and reverence for nature. This is open to all European nationals.

They will be part of a unique 9 month journey which includes residential retreats in wild places, field trips to see spiritual ecology in action, project development support, and mentorship from some deep wisdom keepers.

Can you help us reach out far beyond our existing networks and find the people we need to invest in? Please forward this email on to all your networks and post the link on your fb page.

We are looking for participants from a diverse range of backgrounds including but not limited to: environmentalists, community builders, educators, craftspeople, farmers, chefs, designers, architects, builders, civil servants, entrepreneurs, journalists and writers, artists, musicians and film makers. The program is open to people from all faith backgrounds as well as those without any direct religious or spiritual affiliation.

The fellowship follows a nine month life-changing journey for ten selected participants, all of whom will receive full scholarships for programme tuition. All accommodation for the retreats will be provided at no cost, and a stipend will be provided for travel and food expenses. The programme includes two residential retreats, an international field trip, study weekends, and 1:1 mentoring from Tiokasin Ghosthorse (a remarkable Lakota elder), Adam Bucko (a powerful voice on the role of the younger generation in radical social change), and others.”
More information on the course:

Warm wishes.
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2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship Programme”

  1. Hi was just forwarded this from a close friend, sounds very interesting ! Firstly if like to praise you on your positive efforts towards making a change, the spiritual approach is also admired :) m English have been In Cambodia for the last 8 months and have worked on a number of projects including building bungalows on remote jungle islands out of natural materials, I’m currently working on a outdoor hydroponic (luckily I have a small farm next too a nutrient rich water source) the whole point of the project is for is to be as easy economical and most essentially a community collaboration ! As soon as its up and running I have a few more to do on given land run a quick education programme and then I’ll be off to the next place my heart calls me. I’d love to assist in any way regarding skill sets I’m sure there are many things I could learn from you too. Please send some more info on your plans ! Look forward to hearing from you peace and love

    • My work right now is centered in Nepal. If we can get code approval there, hundreds of completed earthbag projects and hundreds of trained builders then it will be an international story and hopefully spread to other countries. I plan to go back to Nepal at the end of April. Email me for details.


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