E-Cat Update: LENR Confirmed by Mainstream Scientists — 19 Comments

  1. The Clean Energy Research Foundation Inc. has been researching a patent pending chemonuclear fusion reactor based on H. Ikegami’s work on liquid lithium fusion and the thermodynamic effects of using liquid phase lithium on fusion reaction rates.

    The patent details several embodiments of a practical fusion reactor based on molecular ion fusion reactions with liquid lithium.

    We have a world class nuclear fusion facility in the American Midwest ready to do our research project on a contract R&D basis. The experiment will cost $12,000. They have prepared a detailed statement of work and budget. Partners who fund our project will be given a percentage of the royalties on this valuable invention.

    If you are interested in investing contact us at

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  4. One of the biggest oil companies in the world has just decided to invest in LENR. The announcement was not supposed to be public, so I will respect their wish and not name the company.

    More slides from another NASA scientist (Fralick):

    SPAWAR slides:

    LENR conference in Italy boosts credibility (Celani’s reactor is operating at 200% excess heat range)
    (Celani works at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and is also vice president of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Sciences.)

    New theory that attempts to explain LENR and other forces in the universe:

    Randy Hekman, LENR proponent, runs for US Senate

    M. Schwartz, MIT

    Open source project:

    Dr. Edmund Storms audio interview:

    Cellani slides from WSEC 2012:

    NASA Admits LENR Game Changer:

    Community Group Created at National Instruments to Study LENR:

    LENR Demonstrated at MIT:

    Billionaire helps fund MU energy research:

    LENR Colloquium at CERN:

    Harvard Testing Report Confirms Anomalous Energy Discharges:

    NanoSpire, Inc. Successfully Harnesses Cavitation Zero Point Energy

    National Instruments Corroborates Rossi Statements:

    A Game-Changing Power Source Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs)

    Theory of Bose–Einstein condensation mechanism

    CERN conference:
    summary report:

    Rossi interview by

    Francesco Celani et al slides:

    Session 462 Advanced Concepts: LENR, Anti-Matter and New Physics

    Cold Fusion in Italian High School

    Brillouin (may be first to market)–Understanding_How_LENR_Works_Will_Enable_Us_to_Be_First/

    A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion

    The Atom Unexplored conference

    Defkalion lab and factory photos

    Vietnam Scientist Invents Water-fuelled Generator

    News from the MIT Experiments

    US patent on Casimir cavities

    Robert Duncan on Cold Fusion and the Scientific Method (videos)

    EU Recommends Additional LENR Research and Funding

    An explanation of low energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion)
    “The general structure is called the Nuclear Active Environment (NAE) and is proposed to take the form of a [covered] crack or gap…
    This structure, consisting of cracks or nanotubes, must have a critically small size in the submicron range.”

    US Patent application by Zawodny

    National Instruments Deeply Involved with Many LENR Projects

    New YouTube video on Edmund Storms on The Nuclear Active Environment and Metals That Work

    Edmund Storms and Cold Fusion

    How to Produce the Pons-Fleischmann-Pons Effect

    Judging the Validity of the Fleischmann-Pons Effect

    LENR Education – Slide by Tyler van Houwelingen

    Next-generation NASA

    Excellent new video: Cold Fusion – The Answer to All Our Energy Problems?

    • If they invest in LENR, then they want to make some money with it.
      However, most of us would favour an open source solution, don’t we?

      • Scientists who have worked on this for 15-20 years are nearing launch of products. If they deliver quality products that produce energy at very low cost and no pollution then I don’t care if they make a reasonable profit. But also an open source LENR project is already taking off. Maybe more than one. A lot of people understand how a successful product will change the world in a major way and so people are already mobilizing to figure out the remaining details. Just google open source LENR.

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  6. Well, that blindsided me! If true it is the most under-reported happening ever…

    If it lives up to it’s promise it will buy the planet some much needed time. If we free ourselves from energy constraints I wonder what the next ecological limit we hit will be?

    Still skeptical of LENR as viable energy source, but keeping fingers crossed for the physicists… Go Team!

    • It’s under-reported because the same rich people who own the banks and fossil fuel industry also own mainstream media. That’s why I like the Internet so much.

      We still don’t know how reliable LENR devices will be. The reactions are extremely difficult to control. Rossi and Defkalion seem to have the lead at this time. Other companies are close behind.

  7. Hi Owen,

    You have done your homework on this subject

    This post can be used as a “Reference Guide” on LENR and fusion technologies.

    I followed a few of the links and are facinated by the prospects – just hope Mr Rossi will came clean about the process involved and donate E-Cat to mankind – real soon.

    He of course deserves a handsome amount to be made

  8. Can’t wait to see the plans! I have read some info on the LENR and have a hard time wrapping my brain around it. Will keep reading because it sounds great!

    • Don’t feel bad if you can’t understand how they work. World class physicists don’t agree what’s going on. The reactions are clearly taking place, but they’re not sure exactly what’s happening.

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