Earthbag Building Guide in Spanish

Spanish version of Owen’s Earthbag Building Guide almost complete
Spanish version of Owen’s Earthbag Building Guide almost complete

Good news. The Spanish version of my Earthbag Building Guide is 99% complete thanks to the tireless efforts of Zafra and Daniel. They carried the torch after a previous volunteer started the initial translation.

We’re now looking for one or more volunteers who are skilled in proofreading/editing, PDFs and Spanish. The remaining tasks involve proofreading the Spanish, making the table of contents and creating the final PDF. Things are already at a high level of completion and so it shouldn’t take much more to finish the ebook. Email me at my new address at naturalhouses [AT] g mail. com if you can help. Your name and company name will be added on the credits page.

Also, I’d appreciate your feedback on how much to charge for the ebook. Remember there are built in fees for everything — download fee, PayPal… I’d like to find a price point that’s affordable and still makes a small profit to cover the time and effort. One possibility is for me to email the ebooks to save on download fees.

Zafra’s blog Casa Abya Yala about their sustainable living project in Venezuela

6 thoughts on “Earthbag Building Guide in Spanish”

  1. Dear Mr. Owen Geiger.

    My name is Rodrigo Cruz i have a group called “Hombres de Maíz” (the men of corn) and im a superadobe and natural construction enthusiast, i have been working with indigenous and rural communities around Mexico for some years now, teaching and constructing houses with them (with superadobe, COB, etc.) and im also a fan of your work and blogs, i have learned a lot from what you have published or uploaded to the web, you are a teacher for me in an indirect way and i would be pleased and more than honored to help you with the spanish version of the manual you have, and contribute that way also to the general knowledge of superadobe around the globe, free of charge of course.

    Anything you want me to help you with it, im at your disposal, i would be glad to return a little…

    i can translate, edit, etc….

    Sincerely Rodrigo Lanado Cruz “The corn men”

  2. Hi Owen
    This is Cato, from Chiapas, Mexico “the previous volunteer” I suppose. I am happy to hear that the Spanish version is almost finished.
    I am currently leading a social project in rural Chiapas. The project is to build 25 kitchens (4×4 meters) with a wood-saving-stove included using the superadobe technique. We started on Sept-11th-2012. We have nine structures going, in different stages of construction. Six have roofs and electrical wiring, five of those have the first coat of plaster, and the last three are waiting for carpenting components. The work is tough but the spirit is high. I am teaching the technique to low income coffee farmers in Guaquitepec, Chiolon county (municipio) about one hour northwest from Ocosingo, Chiapas. The quality of the work is very good.

    Altough my website is not yet updated with the project I´ve just mentioned, here it is

    Maybe you feel it could be included it in the “credits page” of your book. If not, no worries.

    Best regards

    • Hi Cato. Good to hear from you again. I’ll add your name and website to the credits page, and send you a PDF of what we have so far. (My other email account got hacked and I lost your contact info — please use my new address.)

  3. When you think about eBook pricing, would you also consider a developing country discount of some kind? Or a special CC license, maybe? A $13.99 eBook sounds most reasonable to me as an American who manages two square meals, anyway ($20 is on the high end, but since there are so few books in this area, I’m putting yours on my “save up for this” list). But if I were wanting to train local builders in, say, Peru, a $.99 version would be a lot more feasible for the average internet cafe patron.

    • Thanks for writing. My ebook is on a niche topic and so sales are very modest. I’m thinking in the range of $10. That’s half price of the English version at $20. Libraries and organizations could buy a copy and print it for wider readership.


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