Earthbag Building Guide Update

My new earthbag book is 99.99% finished. I found one more minor typo (it’s endless). I just sent the book to everyone who contributed and asked for their feedback once again. Also, I’ve decided to hire another editor to independently check every link and look for typos. As soon as they’re done, I’ll upload the book so it’s available for sale.

10 thoughts on “Earthbag Building Guide Update”

  1. is it done yet isit done yet is it done yet!!!! cant wait send me info on how to purchase immediatly if learned alot from you allready online, but allways want to increase my knowledge base… now is it done yet lol thankyou so much

    • An independent editor proofread the final PDF and found one broken link in the Table of Contents. I’ll upload the file to e-junkie as soon as I get the corrected version from her. Watch for the announcement on this blog.

  2. Wow, I am really excited, too. My wife and I are seriously looking into earthbag building (just about to transition out of apartment living). Is there any way to give a ballpark estimate (like in what month, or quarter) when the book will be released?

    Just had to say, we’ve been consistently impressed with your house designs – thank you!


  3. im definatly interested in the book as i read up on almost any earth bag material i can get my hands but i cant help but wonder what materials will be covered beyond the basics what will it offer pas t tnorm or allready coveredremterials

    • The book is well worth $20. It’s not copied and pasted from our websites. All the most important information is carefully arranged in the order of construction. Each step is clearly explained, usually with a photo and links to my YouTube videos. There are about 185 photos and drawings.

      A 2nd editor has finished proofreading the book and has found only one broken link. Once the first editor sends the Word source file, the final PDF will be available very shortly afterwords.


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