Water Bottle Lightbulbs — 7 Comments

  1. You can see this type of bathrooms in the old village rather than our highly modern cities. Their life is with struggle though their way of living is appreciable.

  2. Absolutely AMAZING!!! I love it when there is a crisis, because that is an opportunity for the amazing human mind to really come alive. We are definitely gonna take this with us to the Sudan. Thank you so much for the post :-)

  3. That’s a brilliant idea. I might try that on the shipping container we have for storage on our homestead land. We’re going to need to cut some holes in the roof for ventilatioin turbines anyway.


  4. I remember to have seen this before and filtered it as bull, since the bottle would leak and not last. But now I know better. The bottle will probably last for years and I see now that they are a lot of putty around the bottle.

    Would it be possible to do with glas bottles?

    • This is for those living in poverty without electricity. You’d have to plan for routine replacement. I found it last month while searching for $300 house ideas.

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