Earthbag Construction Opportunity in Jamaica

Hello, My husband and I are the managing directors for Delta Wellness Spa Ltd in Portland Jamaica. We just finished the initial testing and renovation phases and are now ready to start the planning phases of a Wellness Center and Spa located on Somerset Falls.

We are excited to have chosen Earthbag houses as a sustainable, eco and health-friendly way for lodging for our members and guests and are looking for an individual experienced in earthbag construction to assist us in all aspects of construction including planning, designing, and training for our laborers. We are even open to hosting workshops!
Compensation is based on experience and includes housing and some meals on the beautiful 100-acre property in the Portland rainforest here in Jamaica.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions, referrals or resumes.
Brittani Graham
Somerset Falls
c/o Delta Wellness Spa Ltd.
Somerset Falls, Hope Bay P.O., Portland, Jamaica

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    • I was actually discussing this project with Brittani around the time that this was posted and offered some design consultation. As far as I know this project never got off the ground. You could connect with her to find out more.


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