Casa de Lodo Earthbag Dome in Hawaii — 12 Comments

  1. Interesting, I’m on the big island and thinking of trying wattle and daub because my 1/4 property has a lot of vegetation, including a lot of guava trees, grass and ferns. I plan to build a structure out of guava poles and weave some smaller branches between them, then try to plaster with dried grass sand and soil mix and thatch the roof with more large leaves.

    • That seems like an interesting plan. I’d be curious to see the results. On my property on BI I had no earth so it would all need to be brought on-site.

  2. How did it manage the earthquakes of the 2018 flow? I’m on island and would love to talk story! Thanks for the inspiration bro! Aloha!

    • Just saw all these comments… No issues noticed after the earthquakes. I’m guessing since its connected to the earth it shook with it. Cal Earth did a study with an earthbag model to test it’s resistance to earthquakes. The testing apparatus failed before the model had any significant structural damage. Domes are the strongest shaped structures you can build.

  3. Where is the house. I am coming to Hawaii and would like to talk with you about the how’s & what’s…my hope is to construct an airecrete dome within the next 24 months on the big island…

    • Just saw this… Did you build an aircrete dome? I’m trying to attend a course this year. I’d like to try building one as well.

  4. Please document your project and share the results. I’m sure there are thousands of earthbag projects that most people never hear about.

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