Earthbag Dome Workshop in Tepoztlan, Mexico

I just found this video on YouTube. Take a look. All content shown here is from Guiding Star Creations.

The focus of this workshop was building in a way that connected the structure and the people to the energy flows of the universe. Stella reminded participants to use all of their six senses to touch, listen, taste, smell, see, and intuit their surroundings.

Extra care was taken to build this dome as a living structure with breathable walls and natural waterproofing and plasters. The building will serve as a meditation dome and was built with a mix of raw earth and scoria rock. Lime was used as a stabilizer in the foundation and stem walls. The exterior plaster is cob made from a mixture of horse manure, clay, and sand which will be finished with a thin lime plaster for water proofing.

18 participants built the 2.5 meter (8ft) dome during the 5 day course. Participants ranged from 21-60+ years young and covered multiple states in Mexico. Participant’s backgrounds were architecture students, engineers, artists, permaculture educators, indigenous organizers, teachers, construction workers, a Haiti relief organizer, and people interested in esoterics and sacred geometry.

We want to thank all those who attended and especially to recognize Angel who hosted and organized the workshop for all his efforts. Thank you also to Ge for translating and Angel’s Aunt for the amazing meals.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop or participating as a student please contact us at:
Guiding Star Creations
Adine (Stella) Michaels, Neil Decker

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  1. Neil and Stella are both wonderful human beings, they are gifted teachers and have a solid vision for the future. I highly recommend the events that they put on.


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