Guiding Star Creations Workshops

Be sure to stay in touch with the groups who provide earthbag workshops, such as Guiding Star Creations. The poster above illustrates their recent earthbag project in Alice Springs, Australia. Check out their Workshop page for upcoming international events.

Earthen Floor Training Video

Today’s post features a video from Guiding Star Creations who attended an earthen floor training put on by Sukita with Claylin Floors. The ease and beauty of working with non-toxic materials created many smiles during the workshop. Earthen floors are such a flexible material that can be applied on grade for new buildings, on a … Read more

Earthbag Dome Workshop in Tepoztlan, Mexico

I just found this video on YouTube. Take a look. All content shown here is from Guiding Star Creations. The focus of this workshop was building in a way that connected the structure and the people to the energy flows of the universe. Stella reminded participants to use all of their six senses to touch, … Read more

Guiding Star Creations

Here’s a new video by Guiding Star Creations. Text below is from their website. Guiding Star Creations: Cultivating thriving environments through inner transformation, earth architecture, and well-being. Neil and Stella are committed to empowering others through facilitating workshops, teaching, and creating projects that combine thriving environments with co-creation and inner transformation. They are planning their … Read more