Earthbag Earthship Indiegogo

Indiegogo campaign for an earthbag earthship.
Indiegogo campaign for an earthbag earthship.

“We are currently running an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for our next house which will be an earthbag house using earthship principles, hydronics, solar hot water and biogas, among other things.

I was wondering if you might be willing to share our campaign on your blog. Here’s the link to our campaign.

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  1. Search our blog for other stories about earthbag earthships. Builders are starting to switch to earthbags instead of rammed tires because it’s way faster and easier. This is easy to prove by doing a small scale experiment. As a point of reference, earthbag walls for schools are being built right now in Nepal in 10 days with workers who have no previous earthbag building experience. Tubes are faster than bags. Want to learn how? Consider helping build earthbag schools and houses in Nepal. Contact Good Earth or First Steps Himalaya for training and details.


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