Earthbag Lodge

Earthbag Lodge (click to enlarge)
Earthbag Lodge (click to enlarge)

Based on ancient Native American designs, this earthbag lodge with living roof will keep you cozy and warm even in the harshest climates, because it is compact, earth-sheltered, insulated and uses wood heat. South-facing windows and skylight over the kitchen ensure ample daylighting. It can be built for about $2,000 assuming wood poles are gathered locally.

Building basics: This hexagonal structure consists of earthbag walls, about head high, and a wood framed wall on the south. Six large center poles with timber beams support sloping roof poles and living roof.

Earthbag Lodge at Earthbag House Plans

For comparison, here’s a traditional Native American earth lodge. (I found this beautiful photo online. My design is quite similar, except the lower walls are earthbags.) This is a great example of building affordable homes using naturally available materials – poles and sod, in this case. There’s no reason why everyone can’t have a comparable home, and no reason to be living in run-down trailer houses.

Interior view of traditional Pawnee earth lodge.
Interior view of traditional Pawnee earth lodge.

Image credit: Cory Spotted Bear
Indian Country Today
Pawnee/Arikara Earth Lodge Built in 13 Days

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