Earthbag Pump House Finished — 4 Comments

  1. Just curious what some of you would do. I purchased my 784 square foot home this summer, knowing that the heat pump was ancient. The inspector couldn’t find the date on it, but estimated that it was at least 20 years old. It’s quite a behemoth. All of that I can deal with – but it’s inefficiency is what’s troubling me. My electric bill for November in Raleigh, NC was $163 – which seems ridiculous, given the tiny square footage of the house. I’ve never been one to frivolously replace things just to be current – tend to drive cars ’til the die, etc. – but in this case would I be better off from an efficiency standpoint to just replace this thing, or should I ride it out? It’s certainly on borrowed time – but I’m concerned about $200 electric bills as we hit Jan. and continuous low temps. FYI – I keep the temp at 65. Input?

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