Earthbag School Survives Earthquake in Basa, Nepal

Basa earthbag secondary school had no damage from the 2015 earthquake
Basa earthbag secondary school had no damage from the 2015 earthquake

“Edge of Seven’s most recent project, the Basa Higher Secondary School, is complete! The school is the second earthbag project in the Solukhumbu region and was constructed in collaboration with The Small World, Edge of Seven’s in-country project partner. The two new buildings will serve students from classes 11 and 12 and enable more students (and girls in particular) in rural Nepal to achieve a higher secondary education.

Thank you to all of the amazing individuals, volunteers and organizations that contributed to this project including the Peaks Foundation, Architecture for Humanity Denver, Edge of Seven’s May father/daughter team, the tremendous community of Basa, and all those who participated in both the For the Love of Earthbags and Pocket Change Revolution campaigns. As they say, it takes a village to bring a project like this to fruition. Thank you!”

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Update: Edge of Seven has completed six similarly sized projects now. All survived the recent earthquake in Nepal with no damage. Now villagers are asking for help to rebuild their houses this way.

2 thoughts on “Earthbag School Survives Earthquake in Basa, Nepal”

  1. We are a French NGO and we take care of the village of Rapcha which is Basa 7, 8, 9.

    We are 60 members and we have worked in this village for 20 years.
    We helped them to build a bridge, a health center, pay the teachers, buy school supplies, buy medicines, medical equipment,…

    Now we try to help the inhabitants to rebuild their village (houses, school,…). We learned about earthbags constructions. This seems an interesting solution.
    As 3 of our members go to Rapcha at the end of october, we would like to have informations about this building :
    – where exactly is this school ? is it in Kastap ?
    – who has built the secondary school with earthbags ?
    – will it be possible to meet them when we will be in Rapcha ?
    Please, contact us


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