Earthbag Shower/Composting Toilet

Earthbag outdoor toilet and shower with solar hot water
Earthbag outdoor toilet and shower with solar hot water

Richard is an American expat who’s currently living in Laos and Thailand. His Wrong Way Home blog documents his modest home, and his plans for an outdoor toilet and aquaponic system.

“The most exciting aspect of this design is the composting toilet. No real composting occurs in the toilet, it merely houses a temporary turd receptacle. There is no greater nightmare for a woman than a composting toilet. A turd of any size should be thoroughly washed away to any location as far away as possible, if not oblivion, with copious amounts of potable water and “dealt with.” I will compost this “humanure,” but I haven’t decided what to do with it after it’s becomes, for all practical purposes, entirely safe. Perhaps I’ll pass it through the guts of composting worms, just to be on the overly safe side.”

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  1. I should have known it before when I go with the construction business. Thank you for giving me such a good explanation about having this composting toilet in our building. I really like how you able to detail it.


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