Earthbag Training and Testing at Santa Clara University, CA — 5 Comments

  1. I pounded metre length metal road-ties through my first 2 layers of hyperadobe earth bag and into the 3 foot gravel bag foundation to try to provide a more stable connection. I’m building in the UK, so not much chance of earthquakes, but it is on a slight hill, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt. I also pounded road ties from the top layer through the wood joist plates. Also used strapping.

  2. Are they looking at like plastic geomesh or the basalt mesh that could placed within the footer at the time of the footer pour and as the wall was being build either the plastic or basalt mesh tied in between layers and the the mesh being part of the pour for the bond beam?

    That would to me a way of having the wall to move as one unit?

  3. Here is her description of how this system works:
    They are using small sandbags where rebar will be hammered into the wall. After the rebar is inserted, they remove the sand and pack concrete around the overlapping rebar. This may increase strength by 50%.

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