Integrating Earth and Bamboo

Penny Livingston-Stark is a designer and professor of permaculture who has worked for 25 years in the field of regenerative design based on non-toxic natural materials. She insists on the compatibility between bamboo and earth. Their similarities and differences help them to integrate remarkably well. “Earth and bamboo are not compatible with plastic vapor barriers … Read more

“Mycocrete” May Eventually Replace Foam, Timber and Plastic

Researchers from Newcastle University have crafted a new bio-based material called “mycocrete”. Using mycelium combined with additional natural materials, the team can grow a tightly wound substrate stronger than previous mycelium materials. The knitted design can create 3D shapes without seams or waste. “Our ambition is to transform the look, feel, and well-being of architectural … Read more

The Earth Building Academy in New Zealand

Verena Maeder is an earth building artisan with 32 years experience constructing earth buildings. She first fell in love with natural building as a teenager, but because of the lack of formal training opportunities in this field she decided to pursue an education in architecture as well as building biology and ecology. In 2002 she … Read more

Test Hempcrete and Seaweed Building in Iceland

Iceland’s first building made from hempcrete was designed by Lúdika Architects and was funded by several grants. Given the size and height limitations of this BioBuilding project,  Lúdika drew inspiration from the philosophy of Japanese tea houses, which emphasize craftsmanship, are often made of natural materials, and are very small. It is only 15 square … Read more

The Values of Straw Bale Houses

Straw bale houses are gaining popularity due to their ecological and sustainable nature. These unique homes are built using straw as either the primary structural element or insulation or both, providing a natural and renewable way of building. Straw bale homes offer exceptional insulation properties that help you keep your house warm during colder months … Read more

Hemp Has Helped Preserve the Ellora Caves in India

The Ellora Caves in Mumbai Harbour are a magnificent complex of rock-cut caves with artwork dating back to 1000 CE, but the formations have stood the test of time.  Archaeologists have wondered why they were in such good condition. Was it a special kind of rock that served as the foundation? Were there ancient principles … Read more