Earthen Floors: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice — 6 Comments

  1. I know what you mean. Being a realtor, I have seen a variety of homes made of those materials. There are a good number of homeowners who have discovered eco-friendly designs and materials for their homes, but many still continue to use those toxic materials. They are not aware of the harm those materials do to the environment, most especially their health and well-being.

    My friends know this as well. As they told me once, most of their clients still choose to use those easy to come by and seemingly low-cost materials. My friends give advice along the way, but of course they could only give suggestions. In the end, the decision still has to come from their clients.

  2. Nice post! This is very interesting. The idea of an earthen floor brings to mind cool and fresh interiors.

    I know of and seen a lot of eco-friendly or green buildings and homes, that’s for sure, but I have not been in a structure made mostly out of natural materials.

    I believe it would be amazing to see how this structures made of natural materials will take form from the ground up. I would love to be on the site of a construction to have a firsthand knowledge of the process.

    • Yes, cool and fresh is a good description of natural homes. Most new homes are filled with toxic fumes from glue, paint, plastics and so on.

    • Yeah, I’m glad to see it. I wonder if they sent Kelly a preview copy… Would love to take a sneak peak. I really like books that focus on how to actually do something.

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