Ecological home of Sanjay and Pratibha Singh

“The artist couple Pratibha and Sanjay Singh have a nice earth based ecological home along with a studio for Sanjay as part of the home. The whole house is of earth excavated from the site. There is no plastering or painting for the building. The house is naturally lit and naturally ventilated with no fan or air conditioning. Sanjay is an avid gardener and we josh about his North Indian garden. Harvested rain supplies the garden water and adds to the house hold use. Grey water from the kitchen is reused for the garden.

One of my dreams is to go take a looooong afternoon nap in the peace and quite of this beautiful home designed by the Architect Chitra Vishwanath (seen in the silent movie with the artist Sanjay Singh). Note also the paintings by the artist couple, stunning and in tune with the earth tones of the house.”


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  1. Very simple yet very nice. The earth tones are very soothing. Note the details for keeping the house cool in their hot climate.


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