Eco-Dome Emergency Shelter Project


Recent Brandon University Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies graduate, Jennifer Brinkworth, has built an “Eco-Dome” as part of her practicum project at the Riverbank Discovery Centre.  An Eco-Dome is a dome-shaped shelter or home built out of soil-cement or lime stabilized earth. These dome-shaped homes have generated a lot of interest in disaster and emergency management as they have proven themselves to be earthquake, flood, fire and hurricane sustainable. This Eco-Dome was the first of its kind built in Canada and will remain at the Riverbank Discovery Centre for two years. For more information, please email

2 thoughts on “Eco-Dome Emergency Shelter Project”

    • I look forward to seeing how your project develops. Please send us an update when there’s a dome completed and we’ll gladly do a post about it.

      I don’t know any further details on the eco-dome emergency shelter project.


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