Eco-friendly Roof Styles to Give a Distinct Look to Your House — 7 Comments

  1. Owen:

    If you’re planning on a blog post about Bermuda Roofs, I guess I’ll pass along one of the better documents I’ve discovered about the topic. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful and informative.

    It’s very easy to get lost when searching the web for information about Bermuda Roofs. There are a lot of fake commercial products that claim to be Bermuda Roofs that really aren’t. Too many people get misled, I think.

    This document is about the traditional Bermuda Roof, and shows a lot of detail about construction.

    (On a site note, not directly about roofs, you might enjoy going to this website’s home page and browsing through links about Bermuda’s architectural heritage and ecosystem. )

    • Good, thanks. Finding good info about Bermuda roofs is challenging. That’s why the story was put on a back burner. I’ll check this out.

  2. For those that may not be familiar, here is a good video showing the Bermuda Roof.

    There are roofs on the island of Bermuda that have withstood hurricanes for 400 years, and are still collecting rainwater for drinking. Not only that, but with that blinding white color, they are probably the best cool roof that can be constructed.

    Natural material–Non-Toxic to keep rainwater ready for drinking–Cool Roof–Long Lasting–Hurricane resistant–and stunningly beautiful.

    It might just be the perfect roof system.

  3. I have always wanted to build a Bermuda Roof.

    I have suggested them many times to people I have helped or worked for, but nobody has been willing to try it… YET.

    Limestone around my part of the world is abundant. It seems to be a natural choice that is very underutilized in this area.

    Properly built and maintained, it should last for centuries.

    • People in general are very slow to change. Most people don’t know how to build these kind of roofs and so they keep doing what they know.

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