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  1. Can anyone tell me where to order online, the metal stips between that zigzags between the battens? Or at least a price for a good sized roll?

  2. Thank you for providing info on options with earth(sand) bag construction. This is certainly enlightening. Could you please refer me to information that details appropriate flooring and roofing for two storey houses with earth bag walls. I would appreciate that very much. Living in Manila, with all the heavy rains and severe floods we are now experiencing, it seems a good idea to have earth(sand) bags for foundation and walls and importantly have a second story to run up to when the floods rise beyond our shins! Thank you and Namaste!

    • There are lots of options. Look at what other builders are using in your area. You could use concrete floors. You could use wood trusses and microconcrete tile roofing, etc.

  3. I have seen this construction before and never realized the simplicity.

    It reminds me of when I was a kid and I got the car models that did not require glue, the parts snaped together and some stickers on it. Great toys.

    The beam is simple but effective and the bag filling/closing look so easy. Making a roof beam like this sounds fine to me.

    • It can work great for rectilinear buildings. There’s added cost for the beams, but you save time and labor and end up with a strong building. Seems especially practical in areas with mostly sand.

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