Building an Earthbag Round House eBook

I just finished reading Building an Earthbag Round House by Morgan Caraway of the Sustainable Life School. This PDF ebook describes Morgan’s experience of building his first attempt at earthbag construction some 15 years ago. As he says, there are many ways he would do things differently these days, but he basically got most of … Read more

The Value of Straw Wattle Walls

I recently received this message from Patti Stouter, who has been a long time advocate and experimenter with earthbags and other natural technologies, especially as a means for surviving earthquakes and other calamities: I am beginning a test shelter project of straw wattle that may be helpful in both Ukraine and Turkey, so this report … Read more

Tommy’s Tea Dome

Two brothers, Sonny and Tommy, have created a small earthbag dome, known as the tea dome, for Tommy’s passion for tea ceremonies. Sonny answered a few questions about his experience. What inspired you to learn this type of building method? I originally discovered SuperAdobe when I was 16 years old; I am 22 now, but … Read more

The Making of an Earthbag House in India

In the last post I referenced the work of Sindhu Bhaskar as part of the Thannal Mud Homes Trust in India.  She and her architect husband Biju built their own earthbag home made almost entirely with natural materials. In this video you can see how they made this 550 Sq Ft  home in one and … Read more

Two Nomad Earth Builders in India

Stanzin Phuntsog (24) and Samyuktha S (29) are from the opposite ends of India, but they share a vision for sustainable architecture that is natural, eco-friendly, community-driven and hands-on. Three years ago they established Earth Building in order to promote these things.  They have explored many earthen techniques like cob, earthbag, adobe, rammed earth and … Read more