Empowering Native Americans with Earthbags

The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota is documented as being the poorest place in this country. People freeze to death each year from hypothermia, starve to death and Pine Ridge is documented as having the shortest life expectancy rate for any community anywhere in the western hemisphere next to Haiti.

A group calling themselves Nature’s Compassion collaborated to organize a trip for seven Lakota people to drive across the country from South Dakota to Hesperia, California, where they all took a training course at Cal-Earth. They learned how to build eco-domes using earthbags, barbed wire, the earth under their feet, their hearts and of course their hands. Cal-Earth committed to come share their building expertise with them on the reservation this spring, when they will launch the first sustainable living project on the land of the American Horse Family.

Sixty percent of the homes on the reservation need to be destroyed because of being infested with black mold which is killing people. Learning how to build homes made of the earth is a way to not only combat this condition, but also to be in harmony with nature. It is also very practical and inexpensive and anyone can do it. When earth domes are made, it is a community effort which is totally in tune with the indigenous way.

They also want to buy solar panels and a wind turbine and plant fruit trees.  This hands on training and education will empower at least one family to live independently. Hopefully, this will in turn inspire others on the reservation.

They are seeking anyone who has a heart to contribute to this mission in any way, including:

  • People with expertise in fund raising.
  • One-time and on-going donors.
  • Volunteers

Their goal is to raise $25,000 to pay for the entire project, including an earth dome, solar panels, and a wind turbine. If you would like to make an on line donation, they would be very grateful. For more information contact them at 641-233-8255 or naturescompassionATgmail.com

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  1. Hi, Kelly! Long time no talk to!

    We also have plans to head to several Indian reservations out West where our CFO already works with many of the chiefs to build our dodecahedron domes for them. We are right now developing a comprehensive video/DVD and printed manual of the building of the Tinkertoy like structure that will be in all the languages of the world. I have a video/tv production company already.

    We will build the first one and then leave the info with the people for the others. We believe in teaching people to fish for a life time.

    We have several people from the world of Hollywood and music helping us with the project to build 7,000,000 low cost affordable homes in the next 7 years.

    Dada who also teaches Earth Bag procedures will be coming to Atlanta to teach a group of us this spring. When we have learned this procedure then we will add that to our building structure availability.

    Good luck with your project mentioned above!

    Hugh Simpson
    co-founder 7th Haven Development


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